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Cloud Flix Solutions has been actively involved in job placement assistance as a value-added service in the software training program. With the support of a comprehensive training curriculum and real-world projects. The Software Training Programs are accommodated by continuous assessments and sharing common interview FAQs.

Students are encouraged to proactively participate in seminars on Interview Handling Skills. During workshops and seminars, we focus not only on technical aspects but also on all aspects of the interview. We conduct mock interviews for candidates to help them feel more at ease during real interviews.

During training, we will highlight the questions that will be asked in the interview so that candidates can make a note of them. Active coordination with students from the stage of preparing a professional resume to attending interviews and securing a Job. Preliminary preparation ensures that our students can perform confidently in interviews, even if it is their first interview. As a part of our successful and continuous job placement assistance, we maintain the track for our students' reference.

Cloud Flix Solutions assists with job placement for the following career opportunities.

  • Salesforce Development
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Science
  • Power Bi
  • Power Bi
  • Oracle DBA
  • Linux
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP